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ARTOMANUT and the Goldfarb family are doing all they can to keep their customers happy.

We put a lot of effort, thought, love and talent, creating our unique art, for the sake of art, Jewish tradition
and enjoyment of all.

Due to the world traffic changes, there might be delays in posting\receiving 
my art. make sure to order them as early as possible, in order for it to reach in time.




Due to the nature of the artwork, either as laser cut or hand-made, there might be minor differences in color or shape of the various pieces of art, compared to what is shown on the web site. This is due to the different screens, operating systems, and availability of working materials.

The artist may choose not to take an order, in certain cases
previous orders, time factor, lack of materials, etc.)


Ordering items


Artwork from ARTOMANUT may be purchased on the website itself, from the items shown in the various galleries, or by contacting the artist through the Contact Us web page. Some artwork might come in several colors / materials / writings, etc. – so please mention what you want in the notes, at the time of purchase.


The artist will contact the client (usually by e-mail) as soon as possible, to confirm the details before starting to make the artwork.


* Please take into consideration the different time zones when contacting us.


Customized artwork

In ARTOMANUT you can customize your own paper cutting artwork. Customized artwork may be an already existing artwork, which you can change, or add something to, if possible, which does not appear in the original artwork. You can also create a whole new idea (such as a personal wedding gift, etc.).

For custom made art prices, please contact me by e-mail



Payment for customized artwork is different from the regular price. The price will be determined by the artist according to the complexity of the work, the time it will take, the materials to be used, etc.

Only after the two sides come to terms, and a confirmation is e-mailed by the artist and accepted by the client as a proof of ordering a customized artwork, the artist will start work on it.

Once a deposit payment (usually 50% but depends on the project,) has been accepted, it will usually take up to two weeks to finish your art once accepting the chosen sketch. (In rare cases more due to lack of materials or lack of communication between both sides)

The payment includes up to 2 sketches, and up to 2 revisions, more will be at an additional fee.

After your approval of the sketch and second half payment, the art will be created and shipped to you.

Please do not send me art pictures of other artists. You may use other art pieces which are mine to be used in your custom made art.

This method of custom made art is to be used for personal use or for gifts only.

For licensing art rights and commercial projects,  please contact me by email


In any case- the artist has the copyright to any custom made sketch or art piece. (please refer to the copyright section below)

Again the artist may choose not to take an order, in certain cases (previous orders, time factor, etc.)




Payment to ARTOMANUT is through PAY-PAL or by major credit cards as shown on the site.


In Israel you may also use other methods of payment, including cash and checks.

Time of delivery


ARTOMANUT will try to have the artwork ready in no more than 21 workdays + the time it takes for shipment, depending on the chosen method. If an artwork is in stock, the delivery time will be relatively short. If there is more than one order, if the artwork is not in stock, or if it's customized artwork, the delivery time might be shorter or longer, accordingly. Please keep that in mind when ordering.



ARTOMANUT uses express delivery service or regular shipment via the Israeli postal service.


Shipping costs change according to the method of shipment, location, insurance and shipping company. Those costs will be added to the website shopping cart when buying online.


In Israel, a client may choose to collect the artwork personally.




When sending artwork abroad, there may be other taxes or customs fees, according to the law of each country. ARTOMANUT will not be responsible for those fees, if they occur.

Currently, ARTOMANUT, ships  within Israel, North America (U.S.A. and Canada), Western Europe, and Australia.


For other locations, please let us know where you are located and we will try our best to ship it to you. Please accept our apologies if we cannot ship to your location.


Responsibility and returning products


Each and every artwork goes out from ARTOMANUT clean, whole and packed closed, in order for it to arrive at its destination in the best condition possible.

If, for some reason, the artwork arrives in an unsatisfactory condition, the client may return it to ARTOMNAUT, up to 7 days after the date of receipt and be reimbursed when it is received by us.



The product must be in its original package, with its original receipt. 

The cost of the shipment back to ARTOMANUT is at the client's expense.


ARTOMANUT will not accept or reimburse products which were damaged by circumstances beyond our control, Acts of God, or by the shipping company (in the latter case the negotiation will be between the client to the shipping company).

A client cannot return a customized art piece.


Framing paper cuttings

The paper cutting artwork is not framed. 

In Israel, it is possible to contact the artist in order to have the artwork framed. 

Framed artwork will be charged an extra fee.




It is forbidden to copy, change, distribute, display, use the logo or the pictures, or copy and\or sell artwork and\or sketches that is being made by the artist and\or shown on the website ,without the written permission of ARTOMANUT.
In a
ny case, the artist remains ownership to all copyrights and reproduction rights of the artwork.


Security / Privacy


ARTOMANUT web site uses S.S.L. technology for keeping your personal information safe. All information on the site is for the use of ARTOMANUT only.

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