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What is a ketubah?

A ketubah is a marriage certificate that uses images and words to express the love and commitment of your marriage vows.
A ketubah is a work of fine art that symbolizes the beauty of your marriage

While the ketubah has its roots as a Jewish wedding tradition, its beauty has become embraced by couples from all different religions and cultures.


What does the word 'ketubah' mean?

(pronounced "keh-too-ba") is from the Hebrew word כתובה Ketubah, and literally means "document" or "it is written". Lately it has become commonly used to describe any document or artwork, that states a couple vows to each other. You see all of the different spellings of Ketubah (such as Ketubot, Ketubbah, Ketuba, and Katuba) because the Hebrew language uses a different alphabet from English, so there is no direct correlation between the letters.


Ordering a Ketubah


The whole process usually takes between 4 to 8 weeks from the time you place the order to when you receive your Ketubah. This includes time to create and ship your Ketubah, as well as time for you to collect your information, review and approve the text, and make sure everything is perfect. But don't wait to the last minute! Be sure to give yourself enough time to look at all the options, talk to your Rabbi or Official, and then make your decision.
I will not be able to create a Ketubah order, less then 4 weeks. 


Custom made Ketubah


You may order a custom made Ketubah, meaning if you visual your Ketubah
and it is different than my designs, I will do all I can to bring it to life (or at least close to that),

But please remember that custom made Ketubah takes longer time to make, it will take few e-mails and sketches and many questions from me, in order to understand exactly as possible what you visualize in your mind, before even starting.


You might also like one of my designs but wish to add something more to it or change it a bit, let me know if it might be possible. Changing an already made design, will cost additional 35 $ - 100 $ depends on the change (if possible).


Approving your Ketubah

After I create your Ketubah's final sketch (in case of custom made Ketubah), I will send you a digital picture, of it, together with a file of the text you have chosen (see Ketubah texts below) so you can print for easy reading or faxing, through email. 
Make sure you go over every detail of your Ketubah, and have your Rabbi review any Hebrew text. It is your responsibility to check and approve all of the text and content. 
If you find any textual mistakes, I'll fix them and send you a new E-mail.


Once you approved the sketch & text, (by replying my E-mail), it is considered completed, and your Ketubah, will be created and shipped to you.

Making changes after placing an order

I understand that you may unexpectedly need to change your order after you place it (e.g. changing the design, or the personalization). However, because your Ketubah is a hand made paper cutting and created specifically for you, please understand that such changes may result in additional work and whole \ partial expenses.


Ketubah cancellation policy


Since my ketubot are custom designed for each customer (even my already made designs have custom designed parts, such as names and verses), all sales are final, and they cannot be returned after approving. 
For cancelling before your final sketch & text, are emailed to you, 
the cancellation fee is $100. 
After an approval has been emailed back to me, the cancellation fee is $250. 
After the Ketubah has been shipped, your order cannot be cancelled, returned, or refunded.


Ketubah texts

What your Ketubah says is as important as how it looks. I have a  variety of English and Hebrew texts, from traditional to modern, which you can use with any of my Ketubah designs. You may contact me for other text option which might not being shown.

Ketubahs may have both English and a Hebrew text, or they may just have the text in English or Hebrew. (Be aware that the amount of text which may be printed in a specific space might change the font size.)   

Or, write your own text for your Ketubah for no additional charge.
You are responsible for sending me a text with no errors.
If you are writing your own English text and want it also in Hebrew, I can have it  translated  professionally and beautifully into Hebrew for no extra charge.


Each Ketubah ends with space for signatures at the bottom, usually it is for the Groom, Rabbi/Official, and two Witnesses. If you'd like, you can add more signature lines (for the Bride, additional official or witnesses), or have no signatures. 

Again, make sure your final text is approved by your Rabbi or official.

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