Inspired from a well known song from  1967, "Jerusalem of Gold an of Copper and of Light" comes this papercutting. Built from 3 different metalic paper and composited in a way the city combines from deifferent periods, sites and ways into a one complete city. the sites which are cut are:                                               In the Golden section:                                                                                                                            The holy temple
The shrine
Montefiore's wind-mill
The Knesset menorah
The Robinson's arch
The golden gate
Absalom's tomb

In the Silver (Light) section:
Zacharias' tomb
Hurva synagogue
Shrine of the book
The cardo
Zion gate (left)
Jaffa gate (right)  
In the Copper section:
The Wailing Wall \ the western wall
Damascus gate (upper right)
Lion's gate (left)
Dung gate (center)
Herod's gate \ flowers gate (right)
The Knesset
Phasael's tower


this hand made paper-cutting comes in 3 mettalic papers (gold, silver, copper) on a dark blue background, but other backgrounds may be chosen (please specify before ordering, to insure stock availabilty.

Jerusalem of Gold Copper & Light

SKU: 206001
  • Papercutting: ~13" x ~27"  ( ~34x69 cm )
    Background: ~17" x ~31" ( ~40x75 cm )

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