In this hand made paper cutting set, you can find all the tribes of Israel, cut from a quill like paper and placed on a colorful rice paper background.

Please examine each tribe in the "EVENTS" section, for more details on each tribe.

Also please indicate if the set you wish is with the "Joseph" tribe or with the "efraim & Menashe" tribes instead 12 or 13 or even all 14 tribes).

In addition, on purchase, if you wish a single color as background for each tribe or other background colors then those which are shown above, please indicate which colors you want to which tribe.

You may choose colors from this list:

 light green \ green \ dark green \ olive \ light brown \ dark brown \ pink \ light blue \ blue \ light orange \ orange \ dark red \ or dark gray (be aware that some colors may not be available at time of purchase)

Israel's Tribes full set - סט שבטי ישראל

SKU: 203032
  • each tribe paper cut is Size ": 6.25 X 9.25 (15.5 X24 cm)
    Background ": 8.25 x 11.75 ( 21 X 29.5 cm)

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